Getting into the ‘heart’ of leadership


We create innovative work environments by reshaping our clients’ organization while generating fertile ground for reaching their goals.

We develop teamwork competencies by helping members understand individual styles, improving problem-solving, and communication.

We know how to interact with our clients getting into the ‘heart’ of leadership.

We help improve the effectiveness
of leaders
through mindfulness
and coaching!


Cultural Transformation

High Potential

Succession Planning

Leadership Fit

Board Optimization

Team Performance


Organizational culture is extremely important to the success and overall health of your company, your people, and your customers.

Once we define your company’s internal and external identity, we then align your company’s values to the people. This allows you to keep the best people while transforming some of them into advocates by building strong teams and impacting performance and well-being.

We align your company's values to the people!



Digital transformation (adaptation is our preferred term) requires change. Change requires the renewal of mindsets. Renewed mindsets drive the creation of a new culture. And an optimized culture drives successful adaptation.

Without the right culture sponsoring and driving your adaptation, success will be limited. Like the famous saying goes: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In our experience this is absolutely true. We have founded, inspired, managed and nurtured digital adaptation ecosystems and have learned the lessons. We have been there.

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Our experience is gained from having done the work!



CONSULTREE’s proprietary Coaching Model is designed by an expert panel of consultants and coaches to provide an integrated and compelling coaching process. Our 100+ certified Coaches cover US, Europe, and Latin America!

We are a fellow founding member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.



Our Coaching Programs include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • On-Boarding Coaching

  • Career Transition Coaching

  • Succession Coaching

  • Personal Board of Advisors

  • Coaching on Demand