Our expertise and understanding of cultural fit plays a key role in the successful appointment of hundreds of professionals


The core of our business is retained executive search

Since 1998 we have aligned top-level executives apt for the organization’s culture, job competencies and leadership. Our commitment to the first 100-day onboarding process ensures a successful transition into the new organization.

The APTMETHOD™, our executive search methodology, is a proprietary five-step process that guarantees the most suitable candidate for the role.

The APTMETHOD™ is key in aligning candidates to organizations

Our methodology, designed to Align People’s Talent,  secures candidates who demonstrate:


The APTMETHOD™ is a five-step evaluation process designed to support our clients when attracting, developing, and retaining talent. 

Supported by new research on digital trends, the APTMETHOD™ is used to align key points for executive search and leadership consulting assignments in the Digital Transformation era.


Additional Executive Search Solutions

In addition to our comprehensive Retained Executive Search service, we offer our clients additional search solutions to support our clients with specific requirements:

Years of placing hundreds of C-level professionals in key positions in different industries on a global level, have allowed us we to build relationships with top executives. This enables us to provide you with specialized candidates with specific expertise for a certain time frame and at short notice. These interim professionals are particularly relevant in special situations, for projects and restructuring activities, or when expanding into new markets.

Upon our client’s request for research on a specific position, we will develop a sourcing strategy based on targeted companies.  This includes sharing a realistic snapshot of the market, external compensation trends and the internal division structure for such position.

When our clients choose to use their internal talent acquisition resources to generate a short list of candidates for a position available within their company, we will apply our APTMETHOD™ to assist them in making the best decision. This will include onboarding the newly hired or promoted candidate into the job.

Whether identified by you or recruited through CONSULTREE, we will assign one of our executive coaches to guide the executive during the first 100 days. We have designed an onboarding process that has proven effective in ensuring the candidate can swiftly align to the company’s current strategic challenges, vision, culture, team and leadership style.

PROACTEL, our sister company founded in 1998, strengthens our commitment to support our clients with any talent needs at the middle management and/or technical levels. This allows us to meet the needs of organizations that seek to attract, develop and retain highly qualified professionals.






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