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Our Family Business advisory services are designed to help our clients achieve long-term success and maximize their potential by targeting issues family business challenges. Succession planning: One of the biggest challenges facing family businesses is succession planning. Transferring ownership and management from one generation to the next can be complex and emotional, and if not handled properly, it can lead to conflicts and even the failure of the business. Family dynamics: Family businesses often face unique challenges related to family dynamics. The mix of family and business relationships can create tensions, conflicts, and power struggles that can impact decision-making and the overall success of the business. Governance: Family businesses may lack a formal governance structure, which can make it difficult to establish clear roles and responsibilities, make decisions, and hold family members accountable. Financial management: Family businesses may face challenges related to financial management, such as balancing the needs of the business with the desires of family members, managing cash flow, and securing financing. Talent management: Family businesses may struggle to attract and retain top talent, particularly if they do not have formal HR policies and procedures in place. Adaptation to change: Family businesses may struggle to adapt to changing market conditions and new technologies, particularly if they are focused on maintaining traditions and values. Our team of experts in the fields of trust & compliance, family governance (family business protocol), family coaching, family board advisory, family business structure and international taxation, is committed to delivering strategic solutions that drive growth and success for our Family Business clients.

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Our proprietary executive search methodology guarantees the most suitable candidate for each role, based on a thorough analysis of the candidate's experience, skills, competencies, and cultural fit.

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Our senior consultants work closely with our clients to understand their organizational culture, the role’s unique needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver a customized search process that guarantees the APT candidate that not only meets the job requirements but is also a cultural fit.

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Our team of recruiters has years of experience in the media/telecom/technology industries and understands the nuances of a successful executive search process including skills, experience, and qualifications required for success in this fast-paced industry.

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We have successfully placed top-performing executives and professionals in various telecom companies in the Miami area.

Client Testimonials

“Luisa and her team performed several searches for our company (in the renewable energy sector). Their approach was highly innovative. They were extremely client-centered and did an excellent job. In addition, Luisa is super-entrepreneurial and has been helpful in making business connections outside of any formal client relationship.”
Paul Rapisarda Chief Financial Officer