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“Guiding Families, Empowering Legacies, Nurturing Leadership:

Elevating Family Businesses Success through expert consulting”

“Compassionate Empowerment: Guiding Family Business Leaders with Heart and Expertise.”

We align individual aspirations with the business’ mission to preserve the family legacy for the next generations.

While there are some similarities between family businesses and corporations, family businesses often face unique challenges related to family dynamics, succession planning, and decision-making that can require a different management approach than that of a typical corporation.

Sector Expertise: Our team of expert advisors has years of experience working with Family Businesses and with companies of all sizes to identify areas of opportunity for growth and success and most importantly to keep the family in harmony.

We understand the unique challenges facing Family Businesses and are committed to providing strategic solutions that drive results.

Functional Expertise: Our team of advisors has expertise in various functional areas, including operations, finance, marketing, and human resources. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether you need assistance with strategy development, process improvement, or organizational restructuring, we are here to help.

Our Family Business advisory services are designed to help our clients achieve long-term success and maximize their potential by targeting issues family business challenges. Here are some common types of consulting services provided for family businesses:


  1. Succession Planning: Assisting in developing and implementing strategies for smooth leadership transitions across generations, ensuring the continuity of the family business.
  2. Governance and Family Constitution: Establishing governance structures, policies, and family constitutions to define roles, responsibilities, decision-making processes, and guidelines for family members’ involvement in business.
  3. Conflict Resolution and Mediation: Facilitating open communication, resolving conflicts, and mediating disputes that may arise within the family or between family members and the business.
  4. Strategic Planning: Assisting in developing long-term business strategies, identifying growth opportunities, exploring diversification strategies, and formulating plans to ensure sustainable business growth and success.
  5. Family Meetings and Facilitation: Organizing and facilitating family meetings, where important discussions, decision-making, and alignment of family and business interests take place.
  6. Leadership Development and Succession Training: Providing leadership development programs, mentoring, and coaching for family members involved in the business, preparing them for future leadership roles.
  7. Financial and Estate Planning: Collaborating with financial experts to develop comprehensive financial plans, including wealth preservation, tax optimization, estate planning, and asset protection strategies.
  8. Family Business Culture and Values: Assisting in defining and reinforcing the family business’s culture, values, and vision, ensuring alignment with the family’s identity and legacy.
  9. Next-Generation Engagement: Supporting the involvement and development of the next generation of family members in the business, nurturing their skills, capabilities, and leadership potential.
  10. Family Business Education and Workshops: Providing educational programs, workshops, and training sessions tailored to the unique challenges and dynamics of family businesses.


Family businesses may face challenges related to financial management, such as balancing the needs of the business with the desires of family members, managing cash flow, and securing financing. Talent management: Family businesses may struggle to attract and retain top talent, particularly if they do not have formal HR policies and procedures in place. Adaptation to change: Family businesses may struggle to adapt to changing market conditions and new technologies, particularly if they are focused on maintaining traditions and values.

Our team of experts in the fields of trust & compliance, family governance (family business protocol), family business coaching, family board advisory, family business structure and international taxation, is committed to delivering strategic solutions that drive growth and success for our Family Business clients.

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Our proprietary executive search methodology guarantees the most suitable candidate for each role, based on a thorough analysis of the candidate's experience, skills, competencies, and cultural fit.

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Our senior consultants work closely with our clients to understand their organizational culture, the role’s unique needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver a customized search process that guarantees the APT candidate that not only meets the job requirements but is also a cultural fit.

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Our team of recruiters has years of experience in the media/telecom/technology industries and understands the nuances of a successful executive search process including skills, experience, and qualifications required for success in this fast-paced industry.

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We have successfully placed top-performing executives and professionals in various telecom companies in the Miami area.

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Relentless focus around the clients’ goals is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Luisa. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, making her an asset to any leadership and organizational development initiative. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Luisa for a year now, during which time she provided organizational assessment, leadership, and management consulting. Above all, I was mostly impressed with her ability to adapt quickly to our ever-changing company culture, while keeping us on track with our goals. And of course, her astuteness and professionalism is exemplary. Since then, Luisa has become somewhat of a professional mentor to me as her expertise has made a huge impact in my life and I admire greatly.
Loren Rosario Maldonado
I have been coached by Luisa Guzman since I became a serial entrepreneur. I first met Luisa in 2011 as my Onboarding Coach when her team recruited me into the Airline Industry from a successful executive career in the Oil Industry. Since then, I started increasing my self-awareness through the various leadership assessments she conducted. In 2017 I reached out to Luisa again as a Career Coach to help me with the big challenge of deciding the next step in my professional life. Through her guidance, I was able to navigate the entrepreneurial world and left behind my international executive career to launch a Start-up in the US, Brazil, and Portugal. Luisa’s approach, communication style and solid coaching methodology were instrumental in providing me with the direction to build the vision and the critical paths to reach my new goals. She was also very effective and important during this transition by coaching me in the right direction, helping me to anticipate setbacks and overcome obstacles that impacted positively my life and my new venture as a business owner. I am so glad to have worked with such a top caliber coach like my dear friend Luisa.
Manoel Suhet
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