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At CONSULTREE, we understand the unique challenges facing the telecom/media/technology (TMT) industries, including rapid technological advancements (5G, e-commerce, consumer tech, data management, AI, machine learning), digitalization, changing consumer demands, new technologies and increasing competition. That’s why we work closely with our clients to identify the competencies, technical skills, job experience, and qualifications required for success in this fast-paced industry. Our executive search methodology, The APTMETHOD™, is a proprietary five-step process that guarantees the most suitable candidate for each role by aligning the candidate to the company’s culture and leadership style. We understand that finding the right talent is critical to the success of any media/telecom/technology organization, and our process ensures that we deliver timely executive search solutions to our clients.

We focus on digital transformation, and we have leveraged technology to transform our business for the purpose of improving operations and delivering more value to clients and candidates.  We consider culture and DEI, to ensure we present a diverse short list of candidates that are a cultural fit to the organization.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you build the best team possible for your organization. Our team of executive search consultants is dedicated to delivering exceptional services and ensuring your organization’s growth and success in these dynamic industries.


Our proprietary executive search methodology guarantees the most suitable candidate for each role, based on a thorough analysis of the candidate's experience, skills, and cultural fit.

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Personalized Service

Our senior consultants work closely with our clients to understand their organizational culture, the role’s unique needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver a customized search process that guarantees the APT candidate that not only meets the job requirements but is also a cultural fit.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Our team of recruiters has years of experience in the media/telecom/technology industries and understands the nuances of a successful executive search process including skills, experience, and qualifications required for success in this fast-paced industry.

Proven Track Record

We have successfully placed top-performing executives and professionals in various telecom companies in the Miami area.

Client Testimonials

We recently worked with Luisa and the CONSULTREE Team on some key executive searches for our growing organization. We have been highly satisfied by the level of professionalism and expertise they brought to the table. The positions were challenging in nature and from start to finish they were dedicated to finding the perfect candidate for our company’s open position. What I liked the most is how they took our culture into consideration to find the right match. Their approach was thorough and methodical, taking the time to really understand our needs and the qualities we were looking for in the candidate. They provided regular updates and communicated clearly and promptly throughout the process. In addition to that, they provided onboarding coaching to help candidates adapt to the job during the first 100 days. CONSULTREE exceeded our expectations in every way, and I’d highly recommend them for top-notch executive search services, especially for executives with a focus on Latin America.
David Hassan
"We recently worked with the CONSULTREE Team on some key executive searches for our organization. We are highly satisfied by the expertise and professionalism they brought to the process. They dedicated the time and resources to find the right cultural and team fit for company’s open positions. They took the time to understand our requirements to ensure the quality of candidates met our needs. Once the candidate was hired, they provided onboarding coaching to integrate te newly hired executive into our company, culture, and team. CONSULTREE is our executive search and leadership consulting firm of choice. We highly recommend their services for any company building their team in USA and Latin America.”
Renato Tradardi CEO
Gold Data