Global Reach & Local Culture Sensitivity

“Forging the Future: Pioneering Global Leadership in the 21st Century.”

CONSULTREE joins forces with one of the most renowned executive search and leadership advisory groups in the world: EMA Partners

Global Reach & Local Culture Sensitivity

We have always kept a prominent position in the international executive search and leadership advisory world.  We have positioned ourselves as the firm of choice for multinationals and global organizations by providing solutions tailored to our clients’ requests independent of location, language, and culture requirements.  This approach, combined with a reputation for impeccable results, has resulted in CONSULTREE’s expansion to over 30 countries while celebrating 25 years in the profession.

Our company founded in April 1998 and as of April, 2023 we are the Miami & South Florida office of EMA Partners.   Headquartered in England and established in the world’s main business centers since 1988, “the organization is recognized for demonstrating leadership, innovation and distinction in executive search and leadership advisory consulting”, emphasizes Luisa Guzman CEO, CONSULTREE.

Impact on Miami & South Florida business sector

The new partnership CONSULTREE | EMA Partners Miami & South Florida brings proficiency in digital innovations and technologies.  With this, we support Miami’s positioning as a global business center and our clients’ future strategic vision in anticipation of the impact of digital transformation in new and established businesses.

EMA Partners relies on CONSULTREE’s mission to ‘engage with our clients to help them build the organization of the future through their people’ by providing innovative executive search solutions and advanced leadership programs.

By joining EMA Partners International, one of the top global executive search and leadership advisory firms, CONSULTREE completes a major milestone on behalf of its clients and shows commitment for unparalleled service. “EMA Partners supports our efforts to continue to be ‘GLOCAL’ – global reach with local culture sensitivity.

With more than 30 years of history, global industry experience and highly experienced executive search & leadership consultants, EMA Partners help us meet our clients’ expectations to ATTRACT, DEVELOP AND RETAIN the best possible talent on a global level. CONSULTREE | EMA Partners Miami & South Florida values promote trust, honesty and open communication with clients warranting professional excellence through the highest degree of business integrity.”

About Miami & South Florida

Miami is a major city located in the southeastern part of Florida, United States. With a population of approximately 463,000 people, Miami is the second-largest city in Florida and the eighth largest in the United States. Miami is known for its proximity to Latin America and the city is a major center of finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, and international trade. Miami is home to several large corporations and financial institutions, including the headquarters of major companies such as Microsoft, VISA, Burger King, Carnival Corporation, and Norwegian Cruise Line.  More recently, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone have opened new offices and companies such as Citadel, Softbank and BlackRock have established their offices in Miami.


Through EMA Partners, we are now ready to help our clients identify the best talent for: Big-data analytics, Climate-change mitigation technology, Environmental management technologies, Encryption and cybersecurity, Biotechnology, Agriculture technologies, Digital Platforms and Apps, Health and Care Technologies, Education, and workforce development technologies, Augmented and virtual reality, Power storage and generation. E-commerce and digital trade, Biodiversity protection technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Cloud computing, Water related adoption technologies, New materials, Distributed ledger technology, 3D and 4D printing and modelling, Satellite services and space flight, Internet of things and connected devices, Nanotechnology, Artificial intelligence, Quantum computing, Text, image, and voice processing, Electric and autonomous vehicles, Robots, humanoid Robots, non-humanoid (e.g. industrial automation, drones).

25+ Years in Executive Search and Leadership Advisory: 7 key milestones

1998               Founded in Miami as PROACTEL – Proactive Telecom Search to serve the Technology, Media and Telecom industries.

2001               Service expands to Information technology and digital communications, real estate, financial services, supply chain and transportation, agriculture and natural resources, professional services, infrastructure, health and healthcare, retail and wholesale of consumer goods, energy and materials, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace,  hospitality & tourism and digital communication

2005               With adoption of Hogan Assessment as main tool for selection and development of top-notch candidates, services expanded to leadership development, executive coaching, culture transformation and family business consulting.

2013               Firm is rebranded as CONSULTREE and becomes an Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm. 

2019               Launch of the APTMETHOD™, a proprietary methodology designed to ‘engage with our clients to build the organization of the future through their people’.  5 key areas of an executive search process: 1. APT Story: digital transformation index assessment; 2. APT Culture: digital culture assessment; 3. APT Competencies: role specific competencies; 4. APT Leaders: leadership style and personality assessment and 5. APT On-boarding: coaching support to the new leader in the first 100 days.

 2020              CONSULTREE rebrands with a new logo positioning the brand as a transformation expert with the slogan “Time to Transform” focusing on leadership and business transformation.

2023   CONSULTREE becomes the Miami & South Florida office of EMA Partners International, a global Executive Search Group, expanding and positioning the organization as the new global “Innovation Hunters” helping clients to attract, develop and retain top talent in the digital transformation era. We are the only Executive Search consultancy firm with global reach, local culture sensitivity, agile thinking, and digital technology in our DNA.

Consultree Global Network

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