Aligning People’s Talent

The APTMETHOD™ is our proprietary methodology and unique approach to executive search and leadership consulting. The methodology supports our client’s requirements to Attract, Develop, and Retain Talent.

When selecting or developing “APT” leaders, we ‘align people’s talent’ via five critical steps:

1. APT STORY: Digital Transformation

We help our clients gain insight about their Digital Transformation Readiness by assessing the competencies that determine where the organization is with regards to processes, talent engagement, vision, and business model.


2. APT CULTURE: Cultural Transformation

We evaluate the existing culture of the executive team related to the values of the new leader to determine his/her flexibility in adapting to the new team and the organization.

3. APT COMPETENCIES: Job Specific Competencies

We use a research-based Competency Model to outline clear standards and measure for individual and team performance.

4. APT LEADER: Leadership Style, Personality & Agility

We support our selection process with tailored solutions designed to integrate personality assessment into selection, development, and talent identification programs.


5. APT ONBOARDING: First 100-Day Coaching

We assign and executive coach to on-board the new leader into the new job, the culture, and the team to accelerate performance and return on investment. 


The APTMETHOD™ supports our client’s requirements with any HR talent management & leadership development strategy.  


Digital Transformation is the process of using technology to strongly improve or change the way your business operates. The APTMETHOD™ was designed with digital transformation in mind to support our client’s requirements with any talent management & leadership development objectives. Every company is in different stages of Digital Transformation; by ‘Aligning People’s Talent’ to your current process, you are positioned to achieve your company’s end-to-end digital transformation strategy successfully.

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