“Practice making a small change every day and by the end you will have experienced an entire year of transformation”

Luisa Guzman
Luisa Guzman

I’ve always been a firm believer in transformation and that the job of a leader, by definition, is to innovate. Central to these efforts is the knowing, living, and practicing the organization’s principles, as they serve as a constant reminder of the organization’s culture and values.

I’ve had many conversations with leaders that want their services, programs, technology, or teams to be more innovative but fail to understand innovation from a leadership perspective. Self-innovation is essential — when leaders start the change in themselves, that’s when progress can really happen.

Change starts with self-awareness and a sincere desire to improve.  Part and parcel of this new self-awareness is practicing empathy. This is the number one attribute of effective leadership.  It allows leaders to find new and effective ways to listen, to communicate and to guide teams.

Connect your identity to the leader you want to portray. Be the Agile Leader of today. Practice humility to take your company into the future. Create a positive impact on your bottom line by building a culture of agile decision-making and accountability.

The year 2020 gave us the opportunity to reflect and recognize that the most vital focus of innovation is ourselves. As we move into the future, I invite you to transform yourself and lead the change you would like to see in others.

Luisa Guzman