Using Data to Plan the Future


CONSULTREE Assessments will help you find your organization’s strengths, opportunities, and longer-term potential. Our assessments are the base from which we build customized action plans for performance optimization at all levels in the organization.

The assessments process involves the following:


Find Out your Organization’s Potential

CONSULTREE’s suite of leading-edge assessments is backed by organizations globally recognized for their credibility and validated by years of academic research.

15-minute online assessment will provide information about the organization’s digital transformation readiness in 5 basic domains: Vision, Culture, Customer Experience, Insights and Technology.expanding into new markets.

12-minute online assessment will provide information about an organization’s six cultural imperatives: Organizational Effectiveness, Customer Orientation, Control, Focus, Approachability, and Management Philosophy.

The Agile Leader Assessment (ALA) inspires strategic self-reflection for leaders in the Digital Transformation and market disruption era.

A combination of online assessments and workshops to determine the team’s culture, vision, and desired culture to align the new strategy.

Combination of online assessments, leadership team interviews, and 360s to determine leadership style and personality to identify and support leadership development strategies.

Will provide information about the competencies required from a leader in different positions and/or the competencies of teams to target specific development requirements.

Evaluates corporate learning capabilities for training & learning development teams.

Find your company’s readiness for a Digital Transformation