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Business Transformation

Strategic Organizational Consulting

Business Transformation entails bold organizational shifts in how a company is run. 

From the Talent, to the Vision, to the Organizational Culture, CONSULTREE aligns our client’s goals to secure an unparalleled Customer Experience, concise market Insights and the proper use of Technology.


Culture plays an important role to attract, develop and retain top leaders.  An agile and learning culture ensures the overall health and success of your organization.

CONSULTREE’s process includes the use of proprietary leading-edge digital assessments, interviews with stakeholders and industry insights to identify your internal and external cultural identity.  This information allows us to design a customized transformation plan to align your company’s values to the new culture we seek to create.  The objective is to develop a culture of ownership and accountability, where risk taking, and agility leads to higher performance.

Every company has a culture, our job is to align your current culture to your business goals by consistently using culture to attract, develop and retain your people. 


Technology is Important, Culture is Key

CONSULTREE’s cultural transformation model focuses on the organization’s mindset to open the path for a successful business transformation.

CONSULTREE’s integral suite of services support organizations to assess business requirements, learn innovative concepts, understand the impact of business innovation and develop the best strategy.

Definition and alignment on the following concepts: Digital Transformation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Governance, and Big Data.

Define and align the Digital Transformation Index Dimensions to understand their impact on the organization, and benefit from their optimization.

Identify and structure business cases with the following characteristics: usable, measurable, monetizable, and that can be implemented in 12 weeks or less.

Company analysis where we identify a specific product or service, develop a prediction process with variables and weights, consider the business situations that could affect the model, establish the business actions to be taken with their probability of success, and calculate the cost of implementation.

Identify and manage effectively the 7 organizational challenges that the Digital Transformation entails. How to get the best out of the process in a way that it allows the organization to tell a success story.

Use of analytic tools, data mining, and machine learning to identify hidden patterns in the data and allow the organization generate high value insights to manage key processes.


Client Centric Problem Solving

Our experience states that the best solutions are those that are client centered and have the ability to generate a substantial impact on the organization.

Our Design Thinking model has proven to help organizations understand how a Design Thinking process can boost business, motivate employees, empower customers, and most importantly, monetize the benefits.

Introduce Design Thinking as a fundamental concept to facilitate the cultural changes necessary for a rapid Digital Transformation.

Formulate team structure, work processes, management and evolution of the sprint using Design Thinking techniques to discover the new insights necessary to improve products or customer services.

Optimize organizational response to digital and technical trends based on documented challenges and with solutions based on best practices.

Demonstrate how to adapt and optimize organizational procedures in response to new strategies designed to penetrate new markets.

Best practices of a group dedicated and focused on the exploration, discovery, acceleration and creation of products and services (existing and / or new) aimed at pleasing customers via experiences (digital and / or / hybrid).


The Backbone of Success

At CONSULTREE, our Innovation experts work with our clients to build an Innovation Strategy that places them ahead of disruption, increases efficiency, attracts & retains talent, and improves their brand recognition.


Turn-Key Service

CONSULTREE will build an innovation ecosystem customized to meet our client’s demands. 

We will design, orchestrate, nurture and operationalize your innovation model, working with you side by side. 

At the same time, we will guide the entire organization to optimize the process via coaching and mentoring. 

Once running efficiently, we will give you the key and transition out.

Find your company’s readiness for a Digital Transformation