We see the longer-term potential in your executives!

Our assessments are the base from which we build customized action plans for performance optimization at all levels in the organization.

Our process offers insight to key stakeholders into their executives’ respective strengths, opportunities, and longer-term potential.

The assessment process involves the following...
Understanding the Context
Diagnostic of the Situation
Report Preparation
Individual and/or Team Feedback

Assessment Solutions

CONSULTREE’S suite of leading-edge assessments is backed by organizations globally recognized for their credibility and validated by years of academic research.

Our assessment solutions include:

  1. Digital Transformation Readiness Index
  2. Organizational Culture
  3. Management Assessments
  4. Competency Mapping
  5. Team Composition
  6. Personality & Leadership (psychometrics)
  7. Agile Leader Assessment* 
  8. High Potentials
  9. Capability Map*

The Agile Leader Assessment (ALA) inspires strategic self-reflection for leaders in the Digital Transformation and market disruption era.

The Capability Map involves Corporate Learning Capabilities for Training & Learning Development Teams.


What your people value most?

How you support those values?

Our research-based cultural assessment tool measures people and culture, the very foundation of every organization. Creating a company culture is an important aspect of your business as it aligns values and goals among the people and promotes employee’s morale.

Every company has a culture, our job is to align your current culture to your business goals by consistently using culture to attract, develop and retain your people. Performing a culture audit helps us discover what your people value most and how to support those values.