Digital transformation is about people, not technology.


Executive Search & Leadership Consulting

Our proprietary methodology The APTMETHOD™ is a five step executive search process designed to help our clients ‘build the organization of the future through their people’. This methodology is backed by research and applies the future trends in talent acquisition and development.

Aligning People's Talent

Executive Search & Leadership Consulting in the Digital Culture Transformation Era.


When selecting or developing APT leaders, we align people's talent via five critical steps:

APT Story
Digital transformation:
our proprietary assessment to learn the  stage of our client’s digital transformation process.

APT Culture
Culture assessment: scientifically proven 12-minute self-assessment and analytics platform measures the existing culture against the new leader's values & behaviors to determine cultural adaptation.

APT Competencies
Leadership competencies: competencies assess leader against job culture and company challenges. Competencies are selected to further assess how the new leader will execute, lead, communicate and engage.

APT Leader
Agile leader assessment: assess the leader in the context of a digital business environment and how the leader navigates through the opportunities and challenges of market disruption.

APT On-boarding
On-boarding coaching: on-board coaching to newly hired executive for the first 100 days. An executive coach is assigned to onboard the newly hired executive into the company’s culture, team and job challenges and in areas of  development.


The APTHMehtodsupports our client's requirements with any HR talent management & leadership development strategy.

Digital Transformation is the process of using technology to strongly improve or change the way your business operates. The APTMETHOD™ was designed with digital transformation in mind to support our client’s requirements with any talent management & leadership development objectives. 

Every company is in different stages of Digital Transformation. By ‘Aligning People’s Talent’ to your current process, you are positioned to achieve your company’s end-to-end digital transformation strategy successfully.