The foundation of our business is retained executive search and recruitment; for the past 20 years, we have placed hundreds of professionals around the world.

Our proprietary methodology The APTMETHOD™ is a five-step executive search process designed to help our clients ‘build the organization of the future through their people’. Backed by research and the future trends in talent acquisition and development, our methodology secures candidates who demonstrate:

  1. The vision to propel a digital transformation culture across the organization
  2. Ability to connect to the organization’s and team culture
  3. The right set of competencies to deliver on the required role
  4. The leadership personality and style to lead effectively
  5. Openness to work with a coach during the first 100 days of their new mandate to guarantee success during the first 18 to 36 months after joining the new organization.


In addition to executing a complete Executive Search, we support our client with the following:


Internal Candidate Assessment

Short Listed Candidates’ Comparison

Candidate Mapping
(market intelligence)



Banking / Financial Services / FINTECH

Private Equity

Digital / Tech Start-ups

Media / Telecom / Technology

Consumer / Retail / Luxury

Life Sciences / Healthcare

Professional Services / Legal

Industrial Services

Hospitality / Real State

Construction / Real State

Renewable Energy

Government / Education / Non-profit



Chief Executive Officer

Finance Officer

Marketing Officer

Technology / Digital Transformation Officer

Human Resources / Talent Officer

Sales Officer

Operations Officer

Legal / Compliance & Regulatory


Global & Regional Leaders

Supply Chain

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